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Analytical Service and Application Procedure



There are several ways to getting your measurements done at the Stable Isotope Ecology Laboratory. First of all, please check on our Measurements page whether we can carry out the type of analysis you are interested in. Note though that this list is not exhaustive. We have full access to all the instrumentation in the SUERC Stable Isotope Laboratory as a whole. Further, if there is something not listed, we can develop a new method if there is significant interest, or advise you of an alternative laboratory. If in doubt, just contact us. 

Analytical Service/Application procedure

By far the majority of applications we process are of a collaborative nature. If you have a grant idea and you require a stable isotope specialist to fulfil the project objectives, please contact us at your earliest opportunity so that we can help. For NERC grants it is important that at the very least you obtain a technical assessment, costings and other advice regarding filling out the Je-S form to avoid problems meeting the grant deadline.

We also welcome anyone interested in pursuing a research fellowship or studentship with one of the main funders, based in our laboratory.

Please note that we also operate as a NERC Facility, as part of the National Environmental Isotope Facility (NEIF). Further information and link to applying is on the NEIF website. We have so far run well over 200 NERC Facility stable isotope ecology applications (see our History) and well placed to give detailed information about writing the best application for your proposal objectives. There are two deadlines per year, generally in April and September - please check the NEIF website for further information (in the context of NEIF deadlines we are reviewed by Panel B).

Commercial and Commissioned work

We also run isotope analyses on a commercial basis. Typically we quote for samples that are ready to load into the autosampler, but if you require preparatory treatment or weighing, let us know. Simply contact us with the type of measurements you require, number of samples and expected turnaround time and we'll give you a quote for the work. Much of the commissioned work is collaborative as well, so if you require help with interpreting results just let us know.


One of the big advantages of sending your samples to SIEL for stable isotope analysis is that you can also send people! We have a lot of experience training users in stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry and stable isotope ecology, whether that is one-to-one training of the type which offers the user to run their own samples under supervision, or occasional courses that we offer, largely under the remit of the NERC DTPs. We also offer local schools the possibility of sending their students to us as Nuffield Research Placements.

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