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The NEIF Geoscience Stable Isotope Lab is funded by competitive bid through the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Services and Facilities, and we are part of NERC’s National Capability. The NEIF offers access to all UK University and Institute departments to SUERC’s international-class suite of stable isotope systems, through the NEIF peer-reviewed application system or approved pilot study. We work closely with sister labs within NEIF - the NEIF Stable Isotope Lab in the Environmental Sciences at BGS Keyworth, and also the NEIF Stable Isotope Ecology Laboratory at SUERC, with whom we share instrumentation and expertise. Our laboratory focuses more (but not exclusively) on the Earth Sciences and higher temperature end of Geosciences, covering a broad range of science emerging from our NERC Community e.g. mineral deposit studies; aquifer studies; volcanology; petrogenesis; oceanography; sedimentology.

Whatever your stable isotope research requirements, we aim to facilitate your science, training and development. See our Contacts page

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