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Measurement types

We host one of the most complete stable isotope facilities in the UK. Approved projects and pilot studies currently have access to twelve stable isotope mass spectrometer systems at SUERC, and associated extraction systems.


Among the routinely available facilities available are:

  • Total laser fluorination system for O isotope work on silicates and oxides, allowing sample sizes down to 0.5mg of SiO2.

  • Mineral hydrogen isotope systems for the measurement of OH and included fluids in minerals. This includes a high precision step-heating experimental rig.

  • Hydrogen isotope systems for analyses of, for example, inclusion fluids and formation waters.

  • The world’s first in-situ laser S isotope system for sulfides, which is one of only two in the UK, and also the world’s first in-situ laser S isotope system for anhydrite. The system was renovated in Spring 2021, complete with new diode laser and trigger system.

  • Conventional S isotope analysis of powdered sulfides and sulfates.

  • Integrated sulfate S and O isotope systems.

  • Automated running of up to 100 mixed carbonates on our AP system for C and O isotopes.

  • Automated running of water O, H and DIC analyses on our Thermofisher Delta Gas Bench system.

Examples of our kit include:

Our Thermo Fisher Scientific Delta V Plus with a Gas Bench II, for natural abundance isotope ratios of hydrogen and oxygen in waters.


This system also routinely runs dissolved inorganic carbon analyses in waters.

Our Thermo Fisher Scientific MAT 253, for the analysis of 34S/32S. Gas collection for conventional SO2 is collected on the ICSFs dedicated sulfide/sulfate gas extraction line. The MAT 253 also has the capability of running 33S/36S via SF6 With demand increasing for the latter, we are currently exploring this is a potential future development.


Watch this space!


Thermo Fisher Scientific Delta V Plus with a Gas Bench II,


Thermo Fisher Scientific MAT 253

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